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All Girl Massage Discount and Review


The exclusive videos take place in a lush all girl massage parlor with plush velvets and deep crimson tones. You probably won’t be paying much attention to the background here but I mention it for a couple reasons: it makes these sexy babes flesh radiate, especially once it is oiled up, and to show you the attention to detail that has gone into making these lesbian massage scenes.

All of the videos at All Girl Massage are in a fantastic full HD quality at 1920x1080 resolution at 5000k. There are also several other viewing options and Hi-Res photo galleries for each video. The close up shots, oiled skin, pink pussies and quivering little butts with glass plugs up them all look amazing in the great quality.

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Nikita was finally all ready for her all girl massage appointment. It had been a full day for her, she had to get her hair done, than some waxing and wow it was a super busy day. But it wasn’t because she wanted to look pretty for her man, hell no! The person she was trying to impress was her masseuse. Ever since she started going to Lia she has found herself getting very attracted to her, she has kept those feelings to herself, but today is going to be different, as she finds out if Lia likes her too. To say she was nervous was an understatement, all she could think was what if Lia didn’t feel that way about her? None of that matters now as she just got called for her appointment. Walking in the room all her nerves get pushed aside, she takes her clothes off and lays down for Lia. She feels those strong yet soft hands moving all over her, she was in awe of her sexy massage, she just lays nice and still while she day dreams about licking Lia’s pussy with her tongue. Lia tells her to roll over for her, and she didn’t hear her at first, so Lia gives her a slap on the ass to wake her up. It gives her a fright, but they both end of laughing about it. With Nikita laying down those large boobs are getting the attention from Lia, she never really noticed them before, but she sure is looking at them now. Reaching out Lia’s hands soon find their way on them, she plays with her nipples and Nikita looks like she is in heaven. Nikita wasn’t planning on talking to her until the massage was over, but it looks like she won’t need to, not with Lia giving her all this lesbian pleasure.

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This isn’t Lilly’s first trip to the massage parlor, and it certainly won’t be her last, this for her is just about the most fun she has ever had. Tawny is a real pro, she knows her way around a girls body, and knows all the sexiest places a girl likes to be touched. Knowing the routine well Lilly strips naked and takes a lay down on the table, Tawny puts a towel over her bare ass, and starts massaging her feet. She runs those hands up her legs now, and soon enough she lifts the towel up and starts squeezing her hands all over this girls ass. A lovely all girl massage scene we all love. This is such an erotic massage, both girls are totally going for it, and soon enough Lilly knows what else she has coming to her. Rolling over she lets Tawny explore every inch of her, from those stunning busty boobs, all the way down to her smooth pussy, it’s such a beautiful thing to see gorgeous lesbian girls like them in action. Lilly calmly slides her legs open now, she knows how much Tawny loves licking her vagina, but Tawny has another surprise for Lilly today, she has a few sex toys with her and Lilly’s little pussy is getting all the attention. You can see the look on that babes face now, the amount of awesome pleasure she is getting must be massive! Lilly and Tawny each pick a vibrator up now, they take the toys and sink them inside one and other, both of them are going for it now, and these babes are loving it.

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